Why you still feel like crap!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this.

“I have tried everything and I still don’t feel better.

I have tried vegan. I have done paleo.

I have tried this supplement. This IV and that peptide.

I think I felt a little better but it wasn’t clear.

I gave up on everything because it felt like I had tried everything and wasn’t feeling better.”

The first thing that happens when someone communicates that to me is a little bit of heartache. I feel their pain. And, to be honest I haven’t experienced that.

My body tends to adapt pretty quickly to what I try. I haven’t been stuck in that situation where I have lost hope.

Clinically speaking I think of how toxic is the person? When someone is not getting the results that they expect we always go back to our pillars.

1. Mindset
2. Take out the trash
3. Give the body what it needs
4. Align the body with natural laws

1. The first thing that I dive into with these clients is making sure they aren’t eating their food intolerance in any capacity. We have seen that some people are just that sensitive to eating their intolerance. How are your soaps or cosmetics? Any additives? How about when you eat out?

2. Second, would be to cut out all other toxins i.e. processed foods, toxic water, poor oils, sugar, coffee, and alcohol. This doesn’t have to be forever but we must give the cells some capacity to clear their own toxins. And, if they are overloaded with environmental toxins it is going to be challenging for them to do that.

Have we analyzed everything in their environment? From water to carpets to pipes to mold to you name it. We must uncover what other toxins could be the culprit.

3. Third, are there any pharmaceutical toxins that one is holding onto? We oftentimes see a ceiling to healing when someone is on pharmaceutical drugs. Sometimes the step is to stay on those. But, oftentimes if we start to work with the foundation the body has what it needs to heal we can begin to wean off. Drugs need to be cleared by the body. Like anything natural or synthetic – there are side effects.

4. Fourth, how are the organs of elimination functioning? We call these the emunctory organs. These are organs that excrete toxins both from metabolic waste and the environment.

– How is your stool? Are you going 2-3x per day? Formed? Medium brown? No smell?
– How is urine? Are you urnianting out what comes in? Is it straw colored?
– Menstrual cycle? Do you have a natural cycle not from exogenous hormones aka oral contraceptives? Is it 28-30 days? No PMS? How is the flow? Any clotting?
– How are your thoughts? Are there any recurring dreams? How about thoughts that are limiting beliefs?
– How is your skin? Any reactions? Any acne or detox reactions?

5. Lastly, what emotional toxins do we need to take out? Have we dealt with our false belief patterns? How are our thoughts, emotions, and spirit communicating to every cell in our body? Those emotions with higher frequency are going to communicate at a different frequency.

Have we felt into our purpose? Do we believe in something greater than ourselves? Do you believe in every cell in your body that you can heal?

If you aren’t getting the results that you expect I urge you to start asking yourself these questions. This is a great place to start so that you can have a framework and idea on what to do next.