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Doing all the right things and not getting results?


Having a health issue is one thing.


But when you are doing all the right things–you have seen specialists, functional medicine doctors, done special bloodwork, changed your diet (multiple times!), taken lots of supplements, exercise regularly–and STILL having health issues…


…that’s something else entirely.


It’s super frustrating when you are putting in the work, you are making the effort, and your body is still not responding. You may even start to get this sinking feeling that there must be something seriously wrong…


Do you have something really complex? A rare condition that you will only find buried in some obscure blog online?


And then you begin thinking, “If no one can help me, then whatever it is is going to keep getting worse and worse…”

Healing has become a full-time job


Eventually, this “getting healthy” business takes over your life.


You think about it all day, every day. You are continuously bloated or uncomfortable. You are spending all of your free time researching what the problem is.


Your life becomes more and more restrictive, and you lose the motivation to socialize and do the things you once enjoyed.


You are doing this diet and that diet, trying new supplements, implementing new practices all the time to try and get relief.


And between all of that, work, home responsibilities, and family obligations, there isn’t time for anything else.

There is another way


It doesn’t have to be like that. But you already know that, don’t you?


Deep down, you know that your body is entirely capable of healing. You just need the guidance as to what exactly is going on and a roadmap on what to do about it.


There is nothing wrong with you. There is only something wrong with your approach.


With the right approach, you can transform your health in less time, with less effort, less restriction on your life, and experience more clarity, more enjoyment, and more freedom.


Let us show you how.

Experience health transformation

with a long-term, sustainable, practical,
highly-individualized plan that simplifies healing

I’m Alex Orton.


From growing up on a standard American diet and having constant stomach aches and chronic eczema, to going through college, eating terribly, partying too hard, and decimating my physical and mental health, I can tell you, I’ve been there!


For a long time, I was frustrated to not have a plan that really worked for me. I was going from doctor to doctor, trying everything, and was sick as ever. I was missing the forest for the trees. But once I started building from the basics with a plan designed for me, my healing accelerated dramatically.


With the right framework and a custom tailored plan, it’s amazing to watch the healing process transform people’s lives. It happened for me and it can happen for you.

I’m Kolby Ourada.


Healing needs to be tailored to each person. Your healing path should help orientate yourself on what YOU specifically need.


What nutrition is ideal for you, what toxins you need to excrete, what false belief patterns you are holding on to, what fits into your day to day schedule and how to do it all and still have a life.


The reason I know that is because that is what I did to help heal my speech that all the specialists told me I could never overcome. There is hope.


Let us teach you how.

It’s NOT about whether or not you can heal. The body was made to heal.

It’s about whether you have the right framework, the right tools, the right plan for you, expert guidance, and personal responsibility.

Let us help you get there!


Our practice is 100% virtual. We do not have an in-person office.