What is a Coffee Enema

What even is a coffee enema? If you have ever heard of an enema this is where you take a solution, typically saline, and insert it into your rectum to go into your colon with a device which could be a simple balloon, syringe, or silicone bag.

The goal is to basically put the solution into your colon to wash your colon out for cleansing. Any solution that goes into your colon is going to be absorbed through your colon wall through the portal system to go directly
to your liver.

There are nerves that connect your colon to your liver, as well as an entire blood flow that will absorb the solution and carry it right to the liver so when we use coffee in the coffee enema the colon is going to absorb the coffee. The coffee is going to go right to the liver and the palmitic acid and the caffeine in the coffee are going to have a very
therapeutic effect.

The palmitic acid and caffeine are going to up-regulate glutathione production. There have been studies done that show that glutathione will rise anywhere from six to seven hundred percent with a coffee enema. Glutathione is one of our body’s most potent antioxidants, so it is extremely anti-inflammatory.

The caffeine is also going to stimulate the liver to dump the bile that it’s holding. Bile is used for multiple things but one primary use is that bile emulsifies toxins (excretes them). So when the liver releases the bile that it’s holding onto it’s going to release a lot of the toxic waste that the liver is getting ready to excrete.

The solution is going to have a cleansing effect on the colon and the caffeine is going to stimulate peristalsis of the colon, which is the muscular contractions that are going to push any stool that you have in the colon out.

So there is kind of a dual effect. The primary effect is on the liver and secondarily
on the colon. So you’re really getting an entire detoxification of your digestive system from way up at the top all the way to the bottom.

Coffee enemas have a long history. They were developed in the late 1800s and have been done for over a century. They were popularized by Max Gerson of Gerson Therapy. He wrote a book called “A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer” that discussed his unique protocol that included upwards of 5-6 coffee enemas every single day. He published 50 cases of people with advanced cancer that totally reversed it on
his protocol.

Dr. William Donald Kelly and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez had a similar nutritional metabolic program that they did for cancer with their specific metabolic programs. They recommended that one does enemas in the morning when one wakes up and in the afternoon between lunch and dinner.

Between Dr. Kelly and Dr. Gonzalez, they have another 150+ case studies published on advanced cancer that was totally reversed on this program so even with late-stage advanced disease, coffee enemas are safe and effective.

There’s a long history of use over decades if not centuries, so there’s a historical and clinical context that justifies using coffee enemas. If you go online, you’re going to read negative accounts from oftentimes
conventionally-minded individuals. Unfortunately holistic and alternative therapies get scrutinized tremendously by the conventional system because they’re alternative to conventional therapies.

You’ll read a lot of Wikipedia articles and other articles that say that they’re dangerous. If you compare that to conventional therapies that oftentimes come with many side effects, it’s up to you to understand whether this is something that you want to pursue or not.

The case studies that have been published, the long history of use, and the thousands and thousands of people that are doing it these days are a justification for most people that these are safe.

But of course, everything comes with its own risks. You have to consult with your own healthcare provider, do your own research, and come to your own conclusion as to whether or not this is right for you.