The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule. I’m sure many of you have heard of it, and some of you haven’t! It’s all about staying consistent with your patterns and staying consistent on your healing journey 80% of the time,
while allowing yourself to veer off the path of health 20% of the time.

We are all human and we aren’t perfect. We weren’t designed to be this way, which is what makes us great and makes our culture great.

So if we’re 80% consistent with our patterns towards health, that creates an opportunity for you to still live life and enjoy that margarita on the beach, still enjoy those holiday traditions, and understand that you can veer off the path and come back.

This is a way of *self-love*.

We cannot hold ourselves to a perfectionistic standard. If we do this, it can create the potential to sink deep into a pattern where we begin thinking we’re not good enough and we’re failures.

This mindset is not what self-healing is.

So, this is why the 80/20 rule is essential. As long as we’re consistent each day 80% of the time, it creates avenues for us to still live our life and still enjoy the human experience and not be
perfect while maintaining our health.

Each person will have to figure out exactly what that looks like in your life. This is what one of the doctors can help you with is understanding how to fit this specific to your needs.

We hope the 80/20 rule takes a little pressure off the healing journey because life is supposed to be lived to the fullest!