My Story of Gratitude

Last week I joined my parents on their tradition of Sunday night dinner at Lou’s. As I was waiting for my gluten and dairy-free pizza, the word gratitude kept coming to mind.

I was thinking about things that I am grateful for. My family. Our business. My travels. And the list went on.

Even after contemplating some of the most important people, places, and things in my life, it didn’t really move my emotional needle. I didn’t feel that powerful pull that can come with even watching my favorite movies.

It got me thinking – how can I stay more grateful throughout my life?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of gratitude is a feeling of appreciation or thankfulness.

To expand the conversation, gratitude is one of the highest frequencies that we can emit. According to numerous studies that measure the wavelengths of different emotions, gratitude is the second highest frequency only behind complete consciousness.

Gratitude even emits a higher frequency than that love! Again, the question I have been trying to answer since Sunday is how can I stay more grateful throughout my life?

What was interesting when I began to research and dig up some resources on this topic, is that the common practice of writing down or saying ‘things you are thankful for’ doesn’t really do anything.

A few studies have looked at detailed brain scans while the participant read off things they were thankful for. These studies showed that the participant didn’t have a sustained emotional response to this practice. Basically, it didn’t do anything.

As I dove more into this topic, the number one aspect of being in an emotional state of gratitude was *receiving.*

So, I took a cold hard look at myself and asked how good am I at *receiving*?

How good am I at receiving a compliment from my family? Or a thank you from a patient? Or a gentle head nod from that stranger on the street?

That one threw me for a loop because I am a doer. I do things. I get things done. I check boxes off my to-do list.

But, the number one aspect of being in a higher vibrational state (i.e. gratitude) was the ability to *receive*.

Today, I sat in my car with my heat warmers turned all the way up and just felt my heart open a little more. I felt the possibility of *receiving* come into my heart center.

Our family has a Thanksgiving tradition of going around the table and saying a quick sentence or two about what we are thankful for.

I am going to propose a new tradition this year.

What if we go around the table and tell everyone one thing about them that we are grateful for?

And, what if we practice keeping our hearts open and *receiving that*?

That is my intention for this holiday season.

My intention is to allow my heart center to be more open so I can practice receiving, which I hope in turn will allow me to be more grateful.

I will keep you updated on what I find.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!