Lessons we learned from the Weston Price Conference

Last weekend was an experience we will never forget. The Weston A Price Foundation is an organization that we resonate with on a soul level.

When we first arrived and were chatting with some of our peers, someone in the organization walked up to me and looked me square in the eyes. The first question that she asked was “What kind of change do you wish to make in this world?”

Talk about an unexpected question but one that made me pause and really think. What kind of change do I want to make in this world?

I can give you a generic answer right now like educating the masses on the importance of good nutrition or helping people deal with their false belief patterns but that wouldn’t be coming from my heart. To be completely honest, I don’t have a full heart centered answer that I want to share right now. It was a question that started off my weekend in a contemplative head space.

However, through all the chaos and limited sleep this past weekend the most apparent characteristic that stuck out to me was change, both personally and societally, is easier done with community.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a prime example of this community. Everyone in the community speaks the same language and at some level shares similar values.

Whether it was Kelly Brogan or Tom Cowan on stage, their ability to communicate the need for our culture to think about health differently was apparent. How to proceed up the mountain may look a little different but ultimately the message was our society is yearning for something else.

All the speakers including ourselves mentioned that even with our culture’s rapid increase in technology, the ability for people to get groceries delivered the same day, or all the access to health information online people still want more. If we were moving in the right direction our culture wouldn’t have this explosion of depression, addiction, suicidal ideation, and chronic illness.

The first step to take back your health is to find like minded people who share the same values and speak the same language. It is not an easy decision to make. But, if you do decide to walk the path, the path of self healing, having a community beside you will make a world of difference.

We have so much information to share with you. Information about EMF shielding, structured water, unique fats and supplements to implement, regenerative agriculture and so much more. But, we hope to emphasize the importance that the information is just secondary. It is secondary to the people and path that you are walking.

Hopefully we can be a resource for you to walk whatever path that God calls for you and to help you find the people that you consider to be your tribe.

Dr. Alex Orton, ND
F O U N D E R & O W N E R