Allergies: Common, Not Normal!

The most important takeaway of this entire discussion on how we heal allergies is the same as how we heal any other issue under the sun. It’s the exact same. However, now we are just talking about it from a different perspective.

Another way of saying this is that there is only one disease. That is what the old naturopathic doctors used to say. Only one disease – a violation of nature’s laws.

There are a lot of manifestations of that one disease, but there’s only one disease. 

How did we get here?

We get it… some people have really bad seasonal allergies, but you know we evolved from cavemen (if you believe this theory) and we started off being fairly primitive. 

We got to the point where we built entire civilizations, incredible architecture, sailed across the ocean, built modern cities, and we’ve been doing this on the planet for thousands of years. 

And now, people are staying inside in the springtime because they’re allergic to the outside? Allergic to pollen and grass to the point where they can’t even function normally outside in nature?

OKAY, so how did we get here?

People have the idea that seasonal allergies are so common that that’s just

something that we have to deal with. That’s not true. Common does not mean normal.

We evolved on this planet over Millennia to live in harmony with nature. 

So let’s break it down. 

The four-legged stool is that there are four main pillars of Health that have been understood and described over thousands of years. We must think of these 4 pillars in the perspective of allergies. 

Essentially, we need to eliminate the toxic waste from the cells and tissues. We need to support the body with all the nutrients that it needs in order to function properly. We need to support the Vitality of the body which means living in harmony with the natural cycles to support the life force and the energy of the body. Lastly, we need to integrate our Mind-Body Connection by mentally, emotionally, and spiritually connecting with our body during any chronic problem. 

Our bodies are intelligent and it’s important to understand this or else we misinterpret what the body is telling us through its symptoms. We start off with normal health and then there are disturbing factors – these can be the body is too toxic, we’re exposed to too much toxic waste, we’re deficient in nutrients, we’re not eating a proper diet, we’re not living in harmony with nature, we have sleep disturbances, we’re exposed to blue

light all day, we don’t get out in the sun, we don’t ground ourselves, we’re under chronic stress, we hate ourselves, we say mean things to ourselves all day, we don’t have any loving relationships.

These are all disturbing factors that disturb normal health.

If there is a disturbance, that’s going to lead to:

  1. A disruption of normal function
  2. A reaction

This reaction is an acute illness. This can mean a fever, inflammation, infection, and anything that’s acute in the body. This is the way the body heals from the disturbing factor and how the body discharges toxemia. Then we return to our normal state.

Hippocrates said, “Give me a fever and I can cure any disease”. So the acute illness (the fever, the acute reaction) is the mechanism in which the body heals. 

But in our world today, what do we do if we think that there’s a problem? We suppress it. We suppress it with antihistamines, anti-fever medication, steroids, anti-pain medication, anti-inflammatories, etc. We suppress the discharge. This isn’t good. It then drives the issue deeper, especially if you don’t address the factors that cause it in the first place.

Almost all of us are doing this in the conventional medical system that we grew up in because drugs are designed to suppress. There’s a time and a place for conventional medicine and it’s very important that we have drugs in order to save lives and to suppress reactions that are dangerous.

But what we’re talking about here is acute reactions that we can manage that are just misinterpreted and get driven into a chronic response. If we don’t change the disturbing factors that led to the problem in the first place, the underlying imbalance will lead to chronic disease and degeneration. 

So, let’s get back to the big picture on how we can make what’s common but not normal go away, aka allergies. 

  1. Nutrition. 80% of the immune system is in our gut. We need to eliminate toxins in food and drinks, eliminate food intolerances, improve the gut function, improve hormone balance, and increase beneficial foods based on our metabolic type. Increasing protein assimilation by improving the gut is necessary. Allergies are caused by your antibodies reacting to different proteins, whether that is in foods or environmental. So, our bodies must assimilate protein properly. 
  2. Detoxification. We need to detoxify the body. We can do this with coffee enemas, juice fasting, saunas, epsom salt baths, dry skin brushing, hot/cold therapies, lymphatic massages, neti pot, steam inhalation, wet socks, etc.
  3. Vitality. Stimulate the vital force through connection with nature and decrease stress. You can do this through cold water bathing, fresh air, sunlight, toxin-free environment, creating a schedule or routine, etc. 
  4. Mind-Body. Stress, false belief systems, and mental emotional blocks are such a huge part of deeper rooted issues. 80% of our immune system is in our gut, which is also connected to our brain function and hormones. Some ways of managing these problems are meditation and mindfulness practice, journaling, healing relationships with yourself and with family, and connecting with yourself on a spiritual level.