Become the person you know you are



You may be in a situation where you cannot find the answers to your health. Whether it’s a chronic illness, food allergey, lifestyle choice, or environment, the solution is just not easy to find.

Although some may have a very serious illness or condition, some things are not as dramatic.

Maybe you have sporadic migraines. Maybe you have skin issues. Or maybe you just get bloated after eating.

Maybe you’ve had all the bloodwork done and seen every specialist in town…and still no results.

We know you want to be heard and listened to. You need a guide for your health journey. 

We are here to help you thrive.


People receive tailored programs that create the health that everyone deserves. This is healthcare not sick care. Transformational health results occur because every aspect of the person’s life and lifestyle can be supported.

Are you asking yourself these questions?

What diet is right for me?
What supplements should I take?
How can my body detoxify more effectively?
What health routines should I add?
What water should I drink?
How can I become more present in my life? Relationships? Careers?
What other therapies / practitioners should I see?
And many more…







The free consultation is an open conversation where one of the doctors can get to know YOU and what you are experiencing. They will also share with you in detail about the process, programs, and expectations at Haven. If you are outside of Chicago we will send you an easy to complete at home kit to get the same information about the baseline of your health.

After getting a baseline assessment of YOUR health we will take that information, your intake paperwork, and our conversations to design an INDIVIDUALIZED program for you. The program will help to tackle your health goals and unique imbalances.

After your health transformational program we will do a reevaluation to make sure that the objective data has improved as much as how you feel.

The next step after our individualized health programs is a health maintenance membership. We only offer this to patients who have completed the program and this allows for you to continue on your healing journey with our support.

How does Haven design programs?

We design individualized programs from the ground up, tailored specifically for each person’s needs and goals. It doesn’t matter whether you are just stepping into alternative medicine or you have been practicing for decades.

There are three levels to our programs: Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced. We sometimes compare how we individualize our programs to caring for houseplants. All houseplants require the same components, sunlight, water, and soil, in order to thrive. But different kinds of plants need these components in varying degrees and forms.

We help all of our patients establish a healthy routine so they can sustain changes long-term, whether they work at home or travel. Most importantly, we empower all of our patients to tap into their self-healing potential. Our programs are deeply grounded in education and empowerment, so our patients can create and maintain health for years to come.

On a practical level, we meet about once 10-14 days with our patients throughout their program, whether in-office or virtually. This gives our patients the accessibility and support needed to be successful.

How is Haven’s approach different from functional medicine?

Functional medicine has its place and goes beyond conventional medicine by running more specific, and expensive, lab work. It finds biochemical imbalances in the body and uses specific supplements to address the numbers on the lab work to realign the body.

Although that has its place, you have past life experiences, everyday actions, and thoughts that greatly impact your health - every single day.

We find that many alternative health care practitioners have good intentions but they don’t take into account the whole person. You are a unique, conscious individual living in a complex world.

Once we help you uncover what your individual imbalances are  - and we help you address your unique imbalances - the body can actually heal for the first time.

What is Haven’s approach to diet?

The truth is there is no one right diet for everyone, nor is there one right food for everyone. 

First, we assess food intolerances, which are constitutional enzyme deficiencies that we inherited from our ancestors. Everybody has at least one food intolerance and one food combination intolerance. Food combination intolerances are two groups of foods that the body cannot digest together. 

Next, we assess metabolic individuality. Everyone has a unique metabolic balance based on their cellular pH, ranging from acidic to alkaline and everywhere in between. Metabolic individuality is the reason why some people thrive on a vegetarian diet, some thrive on a Mediterranean diet, and some thrive on a paleolithic or ketogenic diet. 

Finally, we recommend traditional therapeutic foods based on their nutritional needs. By returning to traditional foods and preparation techniques, we can tap into the epigenetic information that our food holds. Traditional foods have a tremendous capacity for healing.

am i the right fit?

Maybe you are finding us after trying all sorts of therapies, going to different doctors, and feeling your case is hopeless. Whether this is your first time in holistic medicine or you have been in it for years, I am confident that you have not experienced what you will experience at Haven.

At Haven, the only thing we require of our patients is that they are committed to their healing path. That at this time of your life healing is something that is a priority for you.

will it work for me?

I can’t tell you whether our programs are going to work for you. You have to decide that for yourself. You hold the key. We can show you the door, but you have to open it yourself. Healing is a commitment, and we must follow Nature’s laws in order to live in peace and harmony. What I can tell you is that the people who come through our doors and commit to healing experience profound results, and evidence of that can be found in our community, the connections we have made, our patient’s stories, reviews and testimonials, but most importantly in our patient’s lives.

how do i become a patient

➤ Shifting mindset towards healing
➤ Individualized nutrition plan
➤ Individualized supplement plan
➤ Targeted detoxification routines
➤ Optimizing your daily routine
➤ Creating a healthy home environment
➤ Self-reflective practices for mental/emotional health
➤ Lifestyle practices for vitality: sleep, movement, breath, nature, relationships, etc.
➤ Monthly 1-hour calls
➤ Weekly/bi-monthly 30-minute appointments
➤ Health re-evaluation (at end of program)
➤ Email and phone access through the program

➤ And more…