1:1 Transformational Health Consulting

Experience health transformation with a
long-term, sustainable, highly-individualized plan
that addresses the foundation of health

Fresh Perspective, Big Results

Experience a total shift in your understanding of health, with the results to match. Through one-on-one coaching, video tutorials, webinars, and community events, our program guarantees to provide you with new information, unique recommendations, and a distinct way of looking at health that exceeds any of your prior experiences.

Stop Guessing.

Worried about what’s going on inside? Find answers where specialists were stumped before. We will look at your medical history, symptoms, mental/emotional health, and blood work from a holistic framework to uncover the patterns that led to your issues that were previously overlooked.

Our proprietary in-house evaluations (food intolerance evaluation + metabolic hair analysis) will give you new insights into your body that assesses the foundations of health, unavailable to you until now.

Sustainable, Practical, and Supported

Be supported through every step, ensuring all your questions are answered, problems are solved, you know exactly what to do, and you can maintain it for the long haul.

With bi-weekly appointments, on-going patient portal access for direct communication with your doctor, and online community hub for education and support, we’ve got your back.

“The (Your Name Here) Delicious Bloat-Busting Nutrition Plan”

Enjoy a diet that’s less restrictive, more delicious, and actually gets you results. We custom tailor a specific diet plan for you, based on your metabolism, deficiencies, and food intolerances. Finally, you can eat your diet with ease and confidence, knowing that it’s exactly what you need.

With video tutorials, meal plans, nutrition guides, superfood & product recommendations, quick & simple meal prep strategies and recipes, we will help you transform your nutrition.

Your Personalized Supplement Pharmacy

Discover supplements that make sense for you and fit seamlessly into your life. Supplements are tools, and we teach you how to use them to solve various problems so that your supplement plan becomes purposeful, effective for you, and sustainable long-term.

We source the highest quality supplements across the industry, customized to your needs, your goals, your metabolism, imbalances, and intolerances.

Create Your Own Health Optimization Toolbox

Health is a way of life, and there are tools that you can use to optimize it. We will help you identify what tools, products, and routines are beneficial to you based on your health goals, lifestyle, and budget.

At-home detoxification equipment, water filtration systems, EMF mitigation techniques, body care & home cleaning products, light therapy, and grounding technology. are only some of the incredible tools available to you.

Be Healthy and Live YOUR Life

Master the art of healing without sacrificing your precious time or freedom. We build health to last. If you can’t sustain it, what’s the point? You should not have to sacrifice that which you love to be healthy. It’s time to gain more life, not lose it!

Whether you’re a travel junkie, a socialite, or a busy parent, we will coach you with protocols and strategies to maintain your health in all of life’s circumstances, from traveling and dining out to celebrating holidays.

Listen to those who have experienced health transformation!

Mastocytosis is a rare autoimmune disease with no cure that typically leads to premature death. Hear about Natalie’s journey healing this serious disease through Haven’s program!

Bret is one of founders and coaches for Live Better, a health and wellness organization that helps people to optimize their life through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. Listen to how Haven’s programs helped him get to the next level in his training and coaching.

After dealing with chronic digestive issues, heartburn, and hives, Stephanie healed these issues through a holistic approach that addressed her daily life, sleep, diet, and mindset.

A Program Built for YOU

Haven's Proven Process

Step 1

Click the green button to sign up for a free consultation. This call is designed to understand your needs and goals and make sure that our programs are the right fit.


Step 2

If you are the right fit and this is something you want to pursue, we will get you onboarded right away so you can start your journey.


Step 3

After you have finished the orientation process and we have your evaluation results, we will design a health optimization program for your particular needs based on the 4 foundational pillars of health: Detox, Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Mind-Body. In the ongoing weeks, we will coach you through every step of the process, prioritizing action steps in the proper order for maximum long-term results.

Everything we do is individualized.  It has to be sustainable for you if you want optimal long-term health. So we will work with you where you are at. All we require is that you take radical responsibility for your actions, health, and life and be willing to do what is required to heal.