Food Intolerance Evaluation

Kiss elimination diets goodbye

Take a guess…

If you are like most people we work with, you have changed your diet because of digestive issues.


You think, “It must be something I am eating…” Bingo! You are absolutely right.


…But how do you figure out what that is?


So you take a guess. “Maybe it’s gluten.” “Maybe it’s dairy.” You cut those out to see if it helps. Maybe it helps, usually it doesn’t. So now you have to take it up a notch.

More restriction, more frustration.

Then you try an elimination diet where you cut out a bunch of foods in order to find the culprit.


Your diet becomes very restrictive. You spend a lot of time and energy reworking your diet, buying new products, designing new meals, saying no to dinner out with friends.


But with all of the foods and additives in your diet–the product ingredients, the condiments and seasonings, meals at restaurants with unknown ingredients, various beverages–navigating an elimination diet becomes a minefield.


You have no idea what you are looking for…and it’s not working anyways.


In the end, you’re left more confused, frustrated, and bloated as ever.

The answer you have been looking for

There is another way. With one simple, painless evaluation, you can identify what major food groups, food combinations, and food additives that your body is reacting to, without doing any elimination diets.


This evaluation is not available on the commercial market. It’s not comparable to any other food sensitivity test that is out there. And it’s guaranteed to give you new information that you have never seen before.


With this one service, you can radically transform your digestive system and overall health, while eating a diet that is less restrictive, more sustainable, and more delicious than you thought possible.

Finally, identify your problem foods once and for all.

The Food Intolerance Evaluation is designed to give you definitive answers to what
foods are causing you problems and how to avoid them practically and sustainably
for long-lasting health.


► Easy at-home sample collection (no long blood draws)


► Beautiful custom guides to be successful with incorporating your intolerance


► ‘Office hours’ over Zoom to answer specific questions


► Access to educational video content on our private community platform to provide the necessary resources to thrive


► Specific guides to your intolerance with recipes, tips, and product lists so you can be successful


► Community: Invitation to our private online group to ask questions and learn more about different health topics

The Profound Benefits of Knowing your Intolerance

After seeing countless specialists, Christina finally
healed her chronic digestive and hormone issues

How Kendra reversed her crazy stomach issues that
developed after surgery

Amy’s 7 month old daughter’s terrible digestive pain disappeared after finding her intolerances


“My dream is that every child in America would know their food intolerance.”

-Dr. Otis Carroll, ND
Discoverer of the Food Intolerance Evaluation